• collage ; paper collage ; artwork ; ready to hang
collage ; paper collage ; artwork ; ready to hang

The Mask

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Ready to hang original paper collage artwork.

Product Information

This unique artwork is an original handmade collage created from paper cuttings and Swarovski crystals that have been carefully glued onto the back of a vintage photo board.

The piece features lady who appears to be hiding behind a mask, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to the composition. 

It's worth noting that the back of the vintage photo board used in the artwork features a charming vintage photo of a cute little girl. This adds an extra layer of intrigue and interest to the piece, as it invites the viewer to wonder about the history and story behind the original photo and the collage itself.

The contrast between the two sides of the artwork also creates a sense of duality and depth, underscoring the idea of hidden identities and the layers of complexity that exist within all individuals.

Overall, this handmade collage is not only a beautiful and unique work of art, but also a thought-provoking conversation starter that is sure to spark curiosity and engagement.


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21 x 30 cm framed

13 x 18 cm unframed

Product Details

Created with Sketch.

Handmade paper collage artwork made from original vintage paper cuttings, vintage photo, and Swarovski crystals.

All the paper imperfections are intentional.

Includes frame with passe-partout and lightweight plastic, which makes it less breakable.